After thoughts from the finished draft

Stephen King once compared that writing a novel is like crossing the ocean in a bathtub, and I couldn’t agree more. After three or four months of sitting myself in a library writing my first novel, I can’t help but feel a little emotional. As soon as I hit that last chapter, those last words, the last vivid description of what my characters felt in their resolution, I felt like I had finally built something. It may not be awesome, it might be cheesy or lame or disgustingly predictable, but that’s my anxiety talking. I tell myself that the first draft has to suck, because I’m not looking at the bigger picture when writing a chapter, I’m looking at a chapter that in that moment, I’m happy writing.

So I made this website as a sort of re-collective breathe-in-breathe-out area where I can ┬átake two seconds to think about what I’m doing, before I go into editing, and before I give it to my family for criticism, and then after that.

Welcome to my website, my name is Jason Kendrick, this is my journey..


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