The bird in the cage.

One of my characters is what I consider a bird in the cage. During the design plan at the beginning of the novel, it seemed like she wasn’t going to play as big a role in the book but I soon realized that there was much more to this character I had birthed then expected.
She is one of, if not, the deepest character I have in the novel and I can’t help but think I can tell much more of her story now that I’m in the process of editing.
You really do have to put your characters and yourself on the line with editing, ask yourself ‘is this really worth it? Will this fit in the grand scheme of what I’m trying to tell?’ and/or ‘will readers engage in this character?’, I ask myself this LITERALLY, EVERY, SENTENCE.
Is your thing worth reading?
Why isn’t said thing worth reading?
How can you fix your thing?


There are so many questions that race through my mind, which is why sometimes I need to play World of Warcraft.
But don’t waste all your time on questing for something that’s not real.



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