87 Pages

As nervous as I was, I finally showed someone the first few chapters of my book.
My girlfriend is an incredible reader, so when I asked her to read it I told her to never hold back on its faults, and give me as much criticism as possible. This in turn led to some serious anxiety when she began reading it, I fidgeted and couldn’t stay still. I hadn’t shown anyone any of my work, so I had thoughts like:

What if everything I’ve done so far has been rubbish? What if it’s not even readable? What if I’ve been wasting my time?

Sure enough, she came out after 15 minutes (Yes, 87 pages/11 Chapters in 15 minutes) and had a lot of comments. We sat on our couch and she had some highlighted issues she shared with me and we began discussing them. I finally asked her, most importantly, if she liked it. Her answer?


My anxiety exploded, the flame that was in my stomach went out like a bucket of water on a candle. It settled me so much I got motivated to work for the rest of that day. She helped me in that 20 minute discussion more then I could ever help myself, or convince myself that my work was good.

Now, it’s not to say it’s happily ever after, I’m still very hard at work on the second half of the book and I will be for the next week or so. I hope to have the final draft done by the end of this week, or the week after.

I can’t wait to show you all my work 🙂



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