So the book is printed…

It’s a strange feeling, right? I’m meant to feel like this?
I couldn’t be happier to see this thing that was once just words on a word document come to life physically. It sounds stupid but I have devoted so much to this…thing…that seeing it on paper is surreal.

Currently, half of it is filled with sticky notes and highlighted words for grammar, but this is basically my final draft. I’m happy, it’s weird, IT’S JUST WEIRD! In a few weeks this thing that I created will be sent to publishers and I’ll be exploring options to get this thing, that IIIIIIIIII created, off the ground.
It might fail.
It might not even get off the ground to begin with.
But I created it…



    1. It is most certainly a story I want to tell, and I think that has its own rewards. There’s just this side of me that continues to feel lost and afraid, like it’s not worth writing. Did you ever feel like it wasn’t worth the effort?


      1. Well, I wrote for a different reason and all of us will. Mine was more a therapy and so I didn’t feel it wasn’t worth it on that level, because it did what I’d intended it to do. The second part is readership and that’s where many of us go into the default negative mode that ‘my work is not good enough’ etc, but in reality, if you truly believe in it, others will. No one can write your story except you and each of us, have a unique and different story to the other person. ‘There is penny at the market for everyone’ is an old saying, which means that there is room for everybody in the writing field. 🙂


      2. Thank you. It’s just this big self doubt I’ve been having lately but your words help a lot. I guess it’s just been this ridiculous notion in my head that there’s only a certain way to write that gains readership, but I guess that’s not really true, is it? Thanks again 🙂


      3. My pleasure 🙂 Indeed, there is no hard and fast rule to write to gain readership. You never know what the public will like until you present your work out there. It’s a bit like the catering industry…varying degrees of cuisines to suit everyone’s palate.


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