Plot Device! Podcast by Jason Kendrick and Mitchell Drake.

Plot DeviceHi guys!

Lately, I’ve had some free time to work on new projects and one of them is a podcast I’m starting with a friend, Plot Device! The coolest, most awesome, wicked (but not really) writing podcast on iTunes.

But seriously, this is a podcast Mitchell and I have been wanting to make for a while. It’s main purpose is to serve as a sort of outlet of information from our heads, more of a give and gather writing experiences.
Currently, there are two episodes both hosted by me. One is an introduction where I talk about my life leading up to wanting to be an author (it gets pretty personal). The second I recorded today, which is my 5 ways of staying creative 🙂

Super excited to be doing it and I hope it assists you in some ways.
I hope you guys enjoy it, let me know if you have any suggestions or comments!

Jason K.


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