In the wild.

It’s been a short while, but in retrospect everything has been going well enough that I haven’t needed to update.
I guess that’s sort of a selfish thing to say.
Let me rephrase.

Girl & Boy is my second novel currently in works and it’s been an exciting and nerve-wrecking journey. It’s taken twice as long as my first novel, What’s A Year To Me?, and it’s safe to say it’s going to take longer.
I don’t mean that in a bad way, I intentionally delayed Girl & Boy (Originally due June 30th) because I have been in talks with publishing houses.

I believe in this story so much that I want to put everything into it. I want this book to come out with a bang, and I don’t want to rush it out just because I’m excited.

There have been moments when all I want to do is slam my head into the keyboard, eat profuse amounts of bad food and binge watch TV shows I’ve seen six hundred times.
The only thing I can do in those times is push through or wait for inspiration to strike, and that’s hard. It’s hard to determine which one I should do.

Maybe one day I’ll figure it out and I can write better because I’ll know how to handle it, it feels like I’m in the wild sometimes. But I can still guarantee that writing is getting done and that’s what really matters.

Good to be back!



Getting back into shape

No, you didn’t randomly stumble onto an author blog turned into a dieting blog.
What I mean is being and STAYING creative is hard sometimes. Sometimes is the keyword for me because it really is stupidly weird how my head works sometimes.

I’ve read so much recently, and in a way that is my way of staying in the world of reading and writing. Which it really isn’t the case with writing. Maybe it’s procrastinating? Writing, at least in my experience, is like a muscle you need to keep flexing to stay alive and vibrant and keep the creativity flowing and recently I haven’t been doing that. It may be the reason I haven’t updated my blog in so long. Heck, I think that statement works for just about any creative practice!
It’s a muscle you keep flexing, moving, flowing, even if it feels a bit wrong at times.
But why is it that sometimes it feels wrong?
I mean, for god sakes, you’re creating this thing (whatever it is, insert your creation here) and it should be fun as hell all the time, everyday, all day right?
Haha, no.
You should have to at least shovel ten pounds of shit with your hands at some time during a creative process. Well, there are some times when you don’t really have to, but you should be prepared to.

So that’s what it feels like when I come back from a hiatus or a summer that’s so hot with no air conditioning that I can’t sweat out any ideas, it feels like getting the cogs to run again will take a lifetime. I don’t know if anyone else feels this, but when your mind has been distracted by so many different things, it takes a minute to get back into the swing. Read above metaphor for what it feels like (the poop one).

But you just gotta do the thing, man. Small steps!


What’s A Year To Me? is now available on Amazon!!!


What an exciting announcement to make.
What’s A Year To Me? is now available on Amazon!

It’s been a long time coming, but thank you all for supporting and helping me through it 🙂

Amazon US
Amazon UK

What’s A Year To Me? now available for Pre-Order on Amazon!




Click here to Pre-Order the Kindle version on Amazon!

Hello everyone!
I’m excited to announce that What’s A Year To Me? is now available for Pre-Order on eBook/Kindle!

This past year has been such an awesome journey, and I’m excited to bring you what I’ve been working on! The due date for the book is currently June 15th for Amazon and most likely earlier for Paperback however this is probably going to change to earlier. I will let you know if it does.